MelMusic Christmas

MelMusic is an independent music shop in downtown High River, Alberta, Canada.

On June 20, 2013 High River was hit with the worst flood of its history. The downtown core was like a raging river running right through the music store. It all happened so fast that no one could get into the downtown core to help. I got as much as I could up to the second floor but we did incur signicant losses.

We have been hoping to reopen in early fall. Recent inspections of the building have revealed structural issues and concern about mold. These issues have to be dealt with before the building can start to be renovated.

It is looking like we won't be able to get into our old premises until summer 2014. We are hoping to aquire one of the temporary structures in the downtown business park. I will post an updat as soon as I know.

Know that we will be back.

I am spending most of my time in Rocky Mountain House these days. A good long time friend of mine has a music store and a recording studio. I am helping him set up his teaching program at his store. Maybe we'll get some time to play around in the studio while we're at it.

I encourage students to stay in touch via email.

I would be glad to help out with any online coaching that might be beneficial. We could set up ocassional lessons when I can be in High River. I will be spending time in High River every week or two.

I will update the website as we make progress toward reopening.

Mel Wilson
Nov. 25, 2013