We are still in the process of rebuilding our town and our business. It is going to take much more time than originally anticipated.

For now I am focusing on our teaching program. Through the few years that the downtown location was in operation we helped a lot of young musicians develop into excellent players.We helped a lot of adults improve as players. It has been a lot of fun for me and the other teachers.

I am currently setting up a teaching schedule for Spring 2015. Until a downtown location becomes available I am teaching in my High River home.

If you are a returning student or if you are a new student interested in setting up a lesson appointment please email me at for more information or call me at 403-649-8352. I am looking forward to working with as many of my former students as possible and I am interested in starting new students.

phone: 403-649-8352 email:

Mel Wilson
February 19, 2015

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