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"A mammoth talent, Garrett's guitar break on Maria Muldaur's "Midnight at the Oasis" is a great guitar moment in recorded history. When not working the northern club circuit, Garrett puts down the guitar long enough to pick up a fishing pole." ---GUITAR ONE, MAGAZINE, MARCH 2001

U.K. Tour 2001

"I had been waiting since Wednesday night to see Canadian Amos Garrett, not often you find him on these shores, and I can tell you he was well worth the wait. Tall and elegant with a rich voice and laid-back easy style, Garrett charmed the crowd and then left them open mouthed with his wonderful guitar playing." ---GET RHYTHM, U.K., SEPTEMBER 2001

"Canadian Amos Garrett is the latest legend to swell the Borderlines Hall of Fame. He last made it to the U.K. around 28 years ago. On the previous occasion he was a member of Maria Muldaur's band appearing at the Albert Hall. Hmmm, Albert Hall to eh Borderline - - honey, I shrunk the venue. With an arresting performance that even the Mounties would envy, the Amos Garrett Band delivered comprehensively against expectations, justifying enroute, his reputation for being amongst the crème de la crème of guitarists. Equally distinctive are fingers long enough to make back scratching tools unnecessary in the Garrett household. This manual physique powered by the central nervous system of a fencing master, can be the only explanation for the cleanness of his filigreed soloing and unique tone best heard on an awesome rendition of the guitar standard, "Sleepwalk." -- THE MIGHTY ORGAN/REVUES/MUSIC/U.K., SEPTEMBER, 2001

"Talk to anyone who does know his work, and they'll almost certainly be in near-awe of his guitar skills. He as recorded with a staggering number of other artists. But Amos is much more than just a supremely talented sideman and his own albums would beautify any decent record collection. The chance to see him play live in this country is a rare treat." -- THE MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS, SEPTEMBER 2001

The Ontario Tour, January 2002

"Amos Garrett calls it his Freezing in the East Tour - a quick winter jaunt through four Ontario cities. But it was a January thaw that greetted the beloved musical veteran and guitar virtuoso in Torontoo on Wednesday. A sold out crowd was already warmed up when Garrett stepped on stage at Hugh's Room with Ken Whitely (guitar, mandolin) and victor Bateman (upright bass. Through two lengthy sets that ran to midnight, there was more than enough humour and fine music to please the partisan crowd. What had been a warm and musical evening became downright exciting when Garrett strapped on his Fender Telecaster for the second set. There was no mistaking the affection between performer and crowd in Toronto on Wednesday night for those few hours, Amos Garrett was home." -- THE GLOBE & MAIL, JANUARY 25, 2002

"Garrett, 60, is a prickly, very funny man whose dry sense of humour is laden with irony. His biggest turn-off? "Blues Nazis, they want to hear it exactly the was Robert Johnson played it - they've never learned a thing". Garrett says these days he listens mostly to 1950's retro-rock played by teenagers in Inuvik. The day we called him he was busy "trying to get a dead elk into the freezer - at least, I think it's dead." --THE TORONTO STAR, JANUARY 2002

"The reason that Garrett's name floats along the periphery of pop music instead of the front lines is because Garrett eschewed mainstream rock to success to make consistently interesting music." --SCENE MAGAZINE, JANUARY 2002

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