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Stradovarious Washboard Washboard Hank plays an amazing conglomeration of bells, licence plates, duck calls, etc., and actually gets music out of it. He also plays banjo, kazoo, and dobro, and will probably break a lot of guitar strings too.
If the proper plumbing supplies are available and space allows you can expect a solo or two on the "Fallopian Tuba," made out of 1 1/2" PVC pipe and a stainless steel sink Washboard Hank
Washboard HankWashboard HankOne reviewer called Washboard Hank "a cross between Jerry Lewis (not Jerry Lee) and Stompin' Tom Connors." His repertoire includes bluegrass, rockabilly, country, television themes and Oktoberfest. He can go from sensitive to manic to ridiculous in an instant. Don't blink, you'll miss something good. Hank has appeared on dozens of TV shows (Elephant Show, W5, Mr. Dressup, etc.) recently performed on C.B.C.'s Madly Off In All Directions, and spent the last four years as a member of Fred Eaglesmith's band, doing 200 + shows a year all over North America. Working so steadily with Fred was letting Hank's own career slide, but he's getting it built up a bit now.
Lance Loree Lance Loree (Uncle Thirsty) plays guitar, dobro and steel, sings some harmony and contributes a few stupid songs of his own. He toured with Junior Gone Wild for a couple years in the nineties and has played ten years with the rockabilly-roots band The Alien Rebels.

Several years ago Hank and Lance discovered that they were born only twelve hours apart and were separated at birth. They lined up a couple shows at which to celebrate their shared birthday, and had so much fun they decided to work together more often. Since Hank left Fred Eaglesmith and the Flying Squirrels they have been touring for a week here and a month there, and it is like a birthday party every night! In Eastern Canada Ronnie Hayward sometimes joins the party, and in the west you can look for that sharp dressed Alberta bass-slapper, Mike McCafferty.

You can hear Washboard Hank every Tuesday at 11:30 Eastern on trent radio "Country Cousins Radio Hour"

Washboard Hank and Lance Loree
Hank and Lance

Mike McCafferty
1130am-1230pm Eastern
The Country Cousins
"Washboard" Hank Fisher & Jeff Stewart

Legendary cornball cousins Jeff Stewart & Washboard Hank will stretch the limits of live radio and thwack you in the ear with obscure recorded gems and a whole whack of tomfoolery.

Broadcasting from Trent University on 92.7FM or 95.3 cable in Peterborough, ON or streaming live at http://www.trentu.ca/trentradio/ to the global village.

Since our last update there have been some new developments:
Hank got a new (to him) van. Lance got a new (to him) house and grew a crop of barley. Ronnie Hayward moved back to Vancouver.

Washboard Hank has signed on with A-Major Label, and will have distribution through Outside Music.

For bookings contact Washboard Hank at

Late Breaking News

The new CD is out.

"Hoorah For Washboard Hank"

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